Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gifts for the Girls

Super Bowl Sunday is so much fun for the guys, but what are the girls to do? I decided it would be fun to make and give the little girls at our party some new fashion accessories. My sister has some of our old friends staying at her house so finally there are more girls than boys around. (well the boys still out number the girls by one, but who's counting?) I made them initial shirts and leg warmers! This all started because I wanted to make little Annalye (8 mos old) some baby leggies like I made for Adler when he was little, and then I lost control. Gina loves the pairs I have made for her, so I thought her little girl friends might like them too!

Gina Loves her outfit for today!

This is the next project I need to get done. A Birthday shirt for my nephew that has a Birthday on Tuesday! I know I love procrastinating ;)
*The first Pic has a peek of the swap doll with hair. I still need to style it and dress her. I think I love her!


Jules said...

Super cute shirts!!! Love the font you used for the initial. The legwarmers. Fabulous! Nice work!!!

Anonymous said...
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Mistea said...

The dolly is looking gorgeous can't wait to see her dressed. I love those little clothes you've been making, can't wait for the next generation of little people in my family to make some super cute outfits for. Thanks for sharing.