Monday, April 28, 2008

Decorated by Gina

There are areas in our home that Gina has "decorated". This cute little shadow box is in Gina's room. We purchased it at a garage sale the beginning of April. Gina helped me spray paint it ballet pink to match her princess room (it was originally a antiquey white color).
I thought she wanted it to put some of her My Little Pony's on, but after we hung it up she came up with this lovely arrangement! I am sure it will be ever changing.
This collage of paintings was done completely by Gina. It hangs in the hall by the loft and playroom. She decided to paint a few members of the family, and chose colors she thought they would like. I need to have her paint new pictures these were done in August last year.

I used 9 cheap frames from walmart to frame them. I mean really cheap, I think they were like $1.48 each. Perfect in a collage like this. We love the Art work and she gets compliments from everyone that comes to our home.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Gardens

Yesterday was a beautiful day here, well as long as the rain held off. We went to the Gardens . They have a new artist featured Niki , which is who created the sculpture Adler is sitting in.

I think Gina has given up on looking at me when I take her picture. This is about the best of the day. Geez!

Adler and his Opa tip toeing through some tulips ;) .

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Love this site!

Everyone has a Birth Verse and this site helps you find yours! It is cool! This is an old photo of Gina's 3rd Birthday, because I love having a photo with each post :) ! Check it out!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Last Sunday

Once again I am behind in posting! Last Sunday we went to my dad's house for brunch! The kiddos get so excited because grandpa Pat and Peggy always have donuts!
After eating my dad took the kids outside to pick/cut some of his beautiful flowers. He planted over 3000 bulbs at his house!!!
My nephew Carter was the only one that looked at the camera for a picture! Too Cute!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Productive Princessy Weekend

Well Friday afternoon started things off right I guess :) We took turns drawing princess tattoos on each other. Gina gave me a rainbow tattoo with clouds. I gave her a purple flower with vine tattoo. Needless to say no chores got done at all!
All of that tattoo drawing really wears a princess out! Gina sat on her chair for quite a while contemplating the prettier things in life while I got busy sewing!

The first dress I made was one Gina picked everything out for! She picked the vintage Cindy Brady style pattern from my stash of patterns. Next she picked the blue floral fabric because she said it reminded her of Barbie! The sheer lace trim was a must for her, even though I told her it would be itchy, she insisted! Well the reason there are no pictures of the princess in her creation is because it is tooo itchy!
Because we have no Belle dress up dresses, Gina requested a yellow skirt! This is the easiest thing ever to make! Just tulle and elastic!
Finally I made up a pattern to make her a purple princess skirt! She picked out some sheer purple fabric I had in my stash! It has shimmery silver stars all over it, the under fabric is purple with white stars all over it! She LOVES this skirt the best! Also I don't think I have mentioned this before, but we love the footless tights! Gina has to wear them under all of her skirts, I don't know if her mind will change with the warmer weather, but until then we are stocked up!
*Please excuse the messy house! Kerry doesn't understand why the projects come before housework? Men!

Friday, April 11, 2008

My little diva

Gina has proclaimed that she will only wear dresses! Recently she has discovered braids, and now requests the almost daily. I will be trying to sew lots this weekend, to catch up with need for all things frilly! I hope to post the creations we come up with. I usually let Gina choose fabric and trims, and sometimes the patterns. I think she is leaning towards all things princessy! (Bruise on forehead courtesy of an unfortunate bounce house incident)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Husband ;)

It has been brought to my attention that my husband's picture is no where to be found on my blog! How in the world did this happen? LOL This is a photo taken last year on a trip to Disneyworld! I was looking for the right picture of Kerry to put on here and Gina said "How about the picture of me and Daddy on the Pooh ride?" She was right. I love this picture, and the million others we have of them on this ride. I swear we rode the honey pot at least 3 dozen times over the course of the week. I have to say this, Disneyworld truly is the HAPPIEST place on Earth! I was hesitant to take a then 3 year old there, thinking she wouldn't even remember it, but it was so magical and soooooo worth it! I am glad we took Gina before Adler was born. Now we have to start the big SAVE so we can take both of them! If you are even thinking about going DO IT! I don't think Gina knew who the characters were before we went, aside from Cinderella and Buzz lightyear, but afterwards she was Disney brainwashed. We stayed at Disney and ate on a Disney meal plan, so for us that meant Character meals! The Princess breakfast at Cinderella's castle was the best.... Oh I miss DISNEY :) How did a post that was supposed to be about my husband turn into a post about Disney? I guess I better find another more recent photo of him to blog about ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Relaxing at the Lakehouse

With all of the excitement of Easter finally over we decided to make a trip to the Lake! My sister and my nephews loaded up and we all went to the Lake. It was time to get the place ready for the upcoming season. It really is a condo, and not really ours. It is our Dad's place, but he doesn't get down much so we totally use it. It has been in our family for a while. My grandparents actually purchased it while I was in High school with the intentions of retiring there. My grandfather unfortunately got sick (cancer) and his dream of moving there never came to pass. My Dad eventually bought the place from my grandmother and we LOVE going! I wish my grandpa were alive to enjoy it with us. He would love taking the kids on boat rides, and fishing. We really enjoy the time we spend at the Lake together. I cannot believe the only picture I took this time was of my kids laying in bed watching T.V. ! In my defense I was getting Adler's bottle ready for bedtime and was not quite used to doing it alone yet, really I don't plop them in front of the T.V. together on a regular basis.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Easter Part 2

Okay, so once the kiddies were done with their egghunt and baskets we sent them to play and the adults got down and dirty! Well not really we had to have the games inside due to some CRAZY weather! The games started with a blind folded egg hunt to find out what color your team would be (I made peep like shirts for each person out of the team colors). The next game was a bunny race. The guys held a bunny in their team color and as the girls rolled a big die they would 'race' to the finish line.
The next game was really cute. It was a take on pin the tail on the bunny. Each person on the team wore a velcro like pad on their behind and the other player tried to land a bunny on the velcro.

This last game got really physical! All it was, was a game I am sure you played as a kid. We had each player tie 2 balloons to their ankles and the goal was to be the last team/player with a balloon left. The last 2 player were my aunts and they were out for blood it seemed! They were honestly wrestling to win! I left that picture out, because it really wasn't that flattering.

The finale of the day was ROCKBAND! My mom of all people rocked the house LOL! She seemed to look down her nose at first at the idea of playing Rockband on Easter, but she brought down the house :) (sorry mom I had to blog it)

It was really a Great holiday! Even with the weather that couldn't decide if it was going to rain snow or be sun shiny!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Start of Easter

Again since I am playing catch up I will be posting about Easter :)

We started our Easter by coloring eggs with the family. Gina wanted me to wear my hair like hers LOL (hair bows made by me, tutorial to come soon).

Okay so Easter was supposed to be at my house, but I was not ready, so my sister came to my rescue! We usually throw our holidays together but one of us hosts it. She really saved me! I got most everything ready for it and brought it to her house.
Gina sporting her fancy Bunny glasses , a special gift from her Oma Easter Bunny.
Adler with his special Easter Bunny ;) So precious. He really is such a sweet good baby. He wore out quickly on Easter Sunday and he and Daddy went home early for a good nap!
The Hostess's with the mostess's! LOL Really corny I know, but it was too much fun! More photos of Easter to come!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A lot of catching up to do

I am so far behind! I will start by posting St. Patrick's Day and get myself caught up :)

St. Patrick's Day is also my Dad's Birthday, so that morning Gina and I made a batch of Birthday cupcakes (Golden cake with Rainbow chip icing)!

Of course Gina is wearing yet another mommy made skirt and bows (shirt by Target :) ) We loaded up the Birthday goodies and headed to my Dad's office to surprise him! We met my sister and her boys there! I think 'Grandpa Pat' was excited to see us!
Gina had to explain that the card and present were for him, because you know it's your birthday. And yes my adorable nephew is sporting a mohawk. It was taller the day before, my sister trimmed it a bit. He totally asked for one... to cute!
Adler spent the entire time being held by Peggy (my step mom). He seems to enjoy her and she Loves holding babies :) It's a win win situation. I can't believe how far I have fallen behind in posting. It seems like the time from St. Patrick's day to now is a total blur! We celebrated this day, then jumped right into Easter preparations, then we loaded up and went to the lakehouse to get it ready for the Summer! (YEAH) I can't wait for the summer! I will post Easter later today or tomorrow! We played lots of games with the adults and some of them got physical LOL!