Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Wow!  Who knew a dollhouse renovation could be so overwhelming?  We decided to do a quick spruce up to the window boxes after painting the shutters.  The interior has just too many decisions to be made!  Gina and I stripped the wallpaper and sanded any rough spots.  We are now trying to decide which room to start on first.  This has turned into quite the undertaking.  I LOVE every memory being made, but sheesh who would have thought there would be so many decisions to be made?  Oh and did I mention dollhouse stuff is addicting AND expensive!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Great Dollhouse Renovation

When sweet little Adler was born my Mom and Step Dad bought Gina a dollhouse.  One they could put together and build memories while I was getting used to the newest addition to our family. 
It was such a sweet thing for Gina and her grandparents to do together.  She spent many hours while Mommy and baby Adler were napping just playing in her dollhouse.  What a great big sister!

Fast forward to present day and this once grand dollhouse has fallen in need of repair.  When our family fell apart and then rebuilt Gina's precious dollhouse got placed in the garage (she lost her playroom to make room for our growing family).  It didn't fair well in the temperature changes and bikes and boxes stacked around it did not help either.  This weekend we decided it was time.  Time for the dollhouse to move back into the big house.  We are starting renovations and researching ways to make improvements.  We will be needing advice and great furniture building blogs.  We are just hobbyists, but the world of miniature is quite captivating!

 Gina is excited to work on this with me and the help of her step sister, Chloe.  The repairs to the exterior have begun as well as minor exterior paint changes.  We have decided the Dollhouse will reside in the dining room and it will be decorated with the seasons.  This is a much needed distraction for me right now as Adler is preparing to start kindergarten and I am NOT ready for that ;)
So sweet blogging friends, if you have any ideas or suggestions please point us in the right direction!  Our excitement is growing and we are very ready to dig in to this new adventure!  All four of my youngest fall asleep watching HGTV each night and truly love a good reno project!