Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally a crafty post :)

It was my Aunts Birthday last weekend, so of course I had to make her something. She loves buttons and the colors pink and purple. I made her this button dangle bracelet with a picture charm. I make dangle bracelets quite often, but never with buttons. I love how it turned out, and so did she! Gina saw me working on the bracelet and she thought she needed to make a necklace for her Aunt Kimmy. She picked out these purple shimmery beads and a "diamond" pink bead. She strung them all herself, the whole time declaring, "I love doing arts & crafts!" Makes me smile!

Friday, June 27, 2008

WoW! Time gets away from me! I know bad blogger!

Well it has been a while, Geez! We went to see a friend of ours in a production of Willy Wonka last night. It was really cute. I forgot to post last week that I cut Gina's hair all off! She loves it. The last time she got it cut she wanted my mom (retired stylist) to go shorter, I think my mom was scared to go too short. Well here we are and it is so much easier for the summer, cooler too. Here is our friend the "actress" after the show! My sister (her aunt) made a fabulous chocolate flower bouquet! She is so creative. How fitting a colorful chocolate flower arrangement for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! So Smart!

Gina made her a bracelet with her name on it. And Kenzie's (aka the actress) mom gave all of the kids Wonka bars! It was so sweet!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A fun project

I can't believe I never posted what Gina made for Mother's Day presents. She got the idea from Creative Juice on DIY. She really wanted to make them with her picture in them. They were so easy, she really did them all by herself.
I don't have an after picture, and these pictures are really cheesey, but you know how 4 year olds can be. They are flower key chains with a photo gem for the center. Photo gem is just the flat glass marbles with a picture glued to the back. She used polymer clay to make the flower (purple of course). Then we used a jewelry finding to attach the key chain. Super simple, and she was so proud of them. I think modified from a flower to some other shape, they might make a great Fathers day gift.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quality Time

Gina loves to climb (by climb I mean I lift her in) into Adler's bed in the morning. They share a special few moments while I get Adler's bottle ready. I adore the peaceful sibling conversations they have now. I know once he can really talk they will probably be explosive conversations ;) ! I have finally mailed out ALL of my swaps! Also I need to send a Big Thank You to Julie! She made my little one's day by sending a few purple goodies our way (The sparkly button was a huge hit)! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

When it Rains it Pours!

I really am trying not to be negative, but it has been a horrible past few weeks around here! Memorial Day weekend started it all off I guess. Gina had lost her voice due to some bug going around, a few days later I did too. On Sunday our washing machine broke! I had to put a call in to my mom for a favor (maybe she could just get me a new washer for Christmas/ my Birthday). She called me back and said to meet her at Lowe's. Big Thanks to my Mom and step dad for the new Duet front loader washer and dryer (with pedestals)!

Fast forward a few days and Kerry gets sick. Thankfully it was over the weekend so he didn't have to miss any work, but no break for sick me either. A few more days pass and Adler gets sick, and still is! He is on Amoxicillin for the first time, so that means tummy troubles too. I am getting pooped and puked on from that little guy, but at least he does it with a smile I guess. Tuesday night my car died at the gas station. I had Gina with me and I had to call Kerry to come help us. Turns out I needed a new battery! Seriously I hope we are finished with the sickness and unexpected financial things! I know it could be worse, and as I write this I realize how truly blessed I am. I really just needed a vent. Thanks to those of you that stuck it out and read this post.
I couldn't resist, even when he is sick he is super happy!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My current projects.

I am trying to finish up a couple of swaps. This is a WIP for the apron swap. It has been so hard so hard finding time to work on these with everyone being sick here.
This little summer tote and beach towel is for the Not too Shabby Summer Swap. It is ready to post, but with Adler sick I haven't been able to get to the post office.
I need to post a better pic. The bag turned out super cute! You can't tell in this picture though!

Thank yous are in order!

I have received some goodies in the mail and really need to Thank the senders! Chelsea Ann Sent me this adorable little package!

Inside was this lovely little apron! She is new to sewing, and I think she did a fantastic job! Thank you so much Chelsea Ann!

The next package is from Mya It was part of the Not too Shabby Summer Swap! I love the brown and blue tissue paper.

She used the theme Summer Romance and sent this romance novel and cute bookmark, made by her of course.

And this adorable little bulletin board! Thank you Mya :)