Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bunnies are Multiplying!!!

Those cute little bunnies are ganging up on me quickly!!! They are taking over my crafting time. Everyone that sees them wants one. I still have not made Adler one yet. Every time I finish one he hugs it and pats its back. He is so sweet!
These two cuties were for sweet babies under 3 so I embroidered the diaper fasteners instead of using buttons. Also my sister gave me the great idea of using the ear fabric for the belly too (instead of felt). I love these cuties! It was hard to give them away ;)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love Melly & Me

Melly & Me is a great blog! Melly is super creative and super generous. Every time she releases a new pattern she gives one away on her blog too!!! I recently won her Feathered Friends pattern. I can not wait for it to arrive from Australia :) She has her first book out now too! I ordered it and it arrived on Monday. I found it at a great price from on Etsy. This book is amazing!!! Scrumptious pictures and full size pattern pieces. It is a great bargain considering you get 12 Melly patterns! I do not think there is a single project I won't attempt to make. Gina starts Kindergarten this year and I am definitely making her the toadstool backpack (seen on the cover above). This cute unicorn Pegasus softie will make a great Birthday present for Gina this year too. I am thinking of using these fabrics from my stash for it. This book is so amazing and well worth every penny. Check out her blog often too, so inspiring. Oh there is a fabulous Argyle quilt pattern in it too that I can not wait to make! Check it out :)

* I also ordered the Clucky pattern shown above. It is too cute!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Pattern Maker

I am thrilled to announce that Gina is the next up and coming Softie pattern maker :) Sometime around Easter I was looking for the perfect Bunny pattern and came across this one at mmmcrafts . Gina happened to be looking over my shoulder and fell in love with the bunny.
She asked me to buy the pattern and I replied with, "we will see, it might be too expensive". I left it at that and completely forgot about it. Well turns out she never forgot (gotta love a 5 year old)! She came to me last week with the above pattern and said, "Mommy I drew you a Bunny pattern because the other one was too expensive". Melted my heart! I asked her which bunny and she told me the one with the diaper "I just can't stop thinking about it". Well needless to say I got right on line and purchased the pattern .

I surprised her with this little guy this weekend! Not my favorite colors, but they are hers. She was super excited! It's name is Buttons!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Quilts for Triplets!!!

My sweet neighbors are having Triplets!!! We are super excited for them! We adore them, and share so much in common (well minus triplets). Kerry and I had a long path of infertility. We talk openly about it, with the hopes that our journey and struggle will be able to help others. Gina was conceived through Invitro by the best Doctor out there (in my opinion). We had been open with our neighbors and it turned out they were having trouble conceiving, I gave them our Doctor's name and finally they too are expecting!!! Three wonderfully growing baby girls!

When I was invited to their baby shower I panicked because I had not yet started the quilts! I had 3 days to get them started and finished. I work so much better under pressure.

I used my stash only for these quilts, and a simple log cabin knotted quilt pattern. Older babies love to mush their sweet faces in this quilt.

I loved using the Heidi Grace fabric with the houses on it. It was so appropriate for a neighbor quilt :)I wanted them each to have a different quilt. The mommy to be loved the handmade goodness too. I love it when they tear up :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1 1/2 Birthday!!!

Adler turned 18 months last weekend and we celebrated to the fullest! He is a December baby and sometimes celebrations in December get lost in all of the Christmas festivities. We have decided, until Adler tells us otherwise, that we will celebrate his half birthday instead of his real birthday. June is a much better time for pool parties :)
He chose to have a Mickey Mouse pool party! It was so much fun!
I made him a yummy Mickey Mouse cake, along with colorful cupcakes for his friends :)
I also made him the traditional Birthday shirt! Complete with a 1 1/2 :) This photo was taken after the party. He wanted to carry all of the balloons around! (please ignore my messy house LOL )

*Our immediate family will still have cake and celebrate our sweet boy in December as well.