Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springy Leaf Tee

I was smitten when I saw this tutorial on One Pretty Thing. I knew I wanted to make one for myself. The one featured was for a Fall Tee, but my procrastinating self finally got around to making it right before St. Patrick's day! I chose some of my favorite bright colored scraps to make my leaves from. Also because I am larger than most, I bought a pack of men's V-neck undershirts to use. I plan on embellishing more Tee's for the Spring and Summer. I really love how fun this tutorial was to make. Simple, clear directions. *photos taken with my phone... also I was wearing my sparkly St. Pat's hair bow LOL! Oh also no make up ;)

Tooth Pillow

So while on a blogging break, my sweet Gina Beana lost her first tooth! I had to whip up a cute little pillow super fast. Sorry for the bad pics, I was not in blogging mode :)
In true keeping it real fashion, please ignore my messy counter tops (they are always that way)!

Gina attempted to extract her tooth on her own.We had to call in the big gun, my sister! She is the official tooth puller of the family. I hate the whole tooth losing thing, kind of creeps me out!She couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Love Commissioned Pieces

A few weeks ago a sweet old friend asked if I would be interested in making the bedding for her first baby's nursery. Of course I jumped at the chance! She dropped off two fabrics she knew she wanted for the room with little direction.I Love being able to create something when the person you are creating for has complete trust in your abilities. I made her sweet baby a quilt for the bed, a dust ruffle, and valance for the window.For a present for her, because I get so excited about new arrivals, I made a little doll and plaque for Miss Lailah's new room (her mommy cried tears of joy when she opened them).
I used a pattern from Hillary's Wee Wonderful Book for the doll! I LOVE that book so much!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Birthday Gift

I found these adorable black and white polka dot flowers at Michael's and knew I had to make a wreath for my mom! She is redoing her color scheme on the outside of her house to my favorite color combo. I just sprayed a grapevine wreath with Krylon, ocean breeze. I used a blank wooden disc from Michael's and painted her initial on it. A little foofing with some red flowers I had on hand and voila! I am pretty fond of it! She reworked it a little after I gave it to her, because she is crafty like that LOL!

*displayed on my front door in these photos! my mom's house is much fancier ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Everybody Needs a Break, Right?

So I have taken a small hiatus, but... "I'm Back Biotches"* LOL!

I have been checking in from time to time, but mostly I have just been living life to the fullest! Trying to enjoy every, little, simple thing. I know that we can pick up right where we left off, just like all great friends do :)

*I have a super guilty pleasure of LOVING the housewives on Bravo! Oh and Andy Cohen ;)