Monday, September 29, 2014

Halloween Treats

This is a SPOILER ALERT if you are participating in Sarah's Halloween Swap!
Please look away if you like surprises!  I, on the other hand, like to get a look see at what is to come :)
I have been cranking out these little cuties and will be dropping them off on Wednesday afternoon!  I am now off to snoop to see if anyone else that is participationg has given a sneak peek!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Wow!  Who knew a dollhouse renovation could be so overwhelming?  We decided to do a quick spruce up to the window boxes after painting the shutters.  The interior has just too many decisions to be made!  Gina and I stripped the wallpaper and sanded any rough spots.  We are now trying to decide which room to start on first.  This has turned into quite the undertaking.  I LOVE every memory being made, but sheesh who would have thought there would be so many decisions to be made?  Oh and did I mention dollhouse stuff is addicting AND expensive!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Great Dollhouse Renovation

When sweet little Adler was born my Mom and Step Dad bought Gina a dollhouse.  One they could put together and build memories while I was getting used to the newest addition to our family. 
It was such a sweet thing for Gina and her grandparents to do together.  She spent many hours while Mommy and baby Adler were napping just playing in her dollhouse.  What a great big sister!

Fast forward to present day and this once grand dollhouse has fallen in need of repair.  When our family fell apart and then rebuilt Gina's precious dollhouse got placed in the garage (she lost her playroom to make room for our growing family).  It didn't fair well in the temperature changes and bikes and boxes stacked around it did not help either.  This weekend we decided it was time.  Time for the dollhouse to move back into the big house.  We are starting renovations and researching ways to make improvements.  We will be needing advice and great furniture building blogs.  We are just hobbyists, but the world of miniature is quite captivating!

 Gina is excited to work on this with me and the help of her step sister, Chloe.  The repairs to the exterior have begun as well as minor exterior paint changes.  We have decided the Dollhouse will reside in the dining room and it will be decorated with the seasons.  This is a much needed distraction for me right now as Adler is preparing to start kindergarten and I am NOT ready for that ;)
So sweet blogging friends, if you have any ideas or suggestions please point us in the right direction!  Our excitement is growing and we are very ready to dig in to this new adventure!  All four of my youngest fall asleep watching HGTV each night and truly love a good reno project!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Little Mermaid

This girl right here is pretty darn AWESOME!!!  She has found her JOY!  Swim team has been a great experience for Miss Gina Beana!  She started last year and has flourished!
We went to Destin this summer and she became a real life mermaid!  Check out this super cool video!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Blog love and Brady Bunch

Here's the story, of a Lovely Lady...
Seriously when you decide to remarry at this stage in life it is inevitable that you will marry someone with kids of their own.  I had my two and he had FOUR!!!  So we lovingly call our family "our Bunch".  When we were thinking of wedding invitations what better than one that was Brady inspired.  Not being super photo savvy I called upon a blogging friend, Sasha at .  I had a neighbor snap us all in front of a blue screen and the very generous Sasha sent this back to me!   I am so very thankful for her generosity!  I am also very thankful for the sweet connections I have made in the blogging world.  When my life tumbled apart and then slowly back together I reached out to a few of these remarkable women and a few even reached out to me when I went "missing"!  Thank you all for the love and support!  I plan to get back at crafting and creating and I am also thinking about sharing the trials and tribulations of blending families.  This is a REAL LIFE blog...  not just a highlight reel :) 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crafty Little Chicks

This is Gina (the curly red head)!!!  Can you believe it?  She will be 11 this year!  The other cutie is my step daughter, Chloe.  They are 3 weeks a part in age and really are sweet companions.  They decided to start a little business together before Easter. 
 They came up with the idea to make wreaths with chicks to represent the families of the wreath owners.
We advertised on facebook and the girls had quite a little thriving industry!  I loved their teamwork and love of creating.  They chose the supplies at the craft store and went to work.  I did help with the bows, but everything else was all them!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This is now :)

So I am just going to start with today! I so want to get back to blogging. I miss my blogging "friends". Life seems to finally be settling into what is now the NORM. I am such a different person than when I started this blog. I have grown leaps and bounds. I feel divorce really does that to a person. I have so many divorce and remarried stories to share and I will get to them but for now this is me! I am someone I never wanted to be, someone I never thought I would be. I am truly a BETTER me, a happier me. I went from a stay at home mom with two beautiful kiddos, to a single mom, to a remarried step mom. I now have 6 kids total!!! Life has gotten crazy and I will share all the details that I can legally share... I may need to seek advice on that one because people this is a book worthy tale :) For now though I will leave you a pic of what life looks like for me now. I have many stories and crafting adventures to share. Talk to you all very soon!