Saturday, February 7, 2009

Too Sinister?

My nephew Baylor turned 6 this week! This little guy is so into dress up and creative play. He loves to give us all tattoos. I have had this idea in my head for him since last summer. I made him this Tattoo shop. Now my question for you is, Is it too sinister looking for a 6 year old boy? I am taking this to his party this afternoon. I hope he likes it. Boys are so hard to create something for. I made a functioning open/close sign for the shop.
Here are the goodies I have included with the door cover. Every tattoo artist needs his own ink ;) A skully doo rag, stencils, and temporary tattoos (the spray bottle is for the temporary tattoos). The lap desk makes a perfect portable work station. I do have ideas of making Gina a Spa Shoppe for her bedroom door. Maybe even a rocket ship for Adler's door. How cute would a cottage front be? Maybe even a castle? Oh the possibilities are endless! If there is an interest I would be willing to post a tutorial for this little project.
*sorry the pics aren't better. It was difficult to find a doorway with proper lighting.


Michelle said...

Wonderful! I think you will be the hit of the party! I don't think it is too sinister. My kids know that as a family we are against inking our bodies permanently but have no problem telling the difference in pretend. I would love a tutorial, I have been thinking of making a puppet theater along the same lines.

jess said...

Now that is really cool. It is tasteful and fun and a perfect auntie present. It would be welcome iwth my bunch! I would love a tutorial, too!

---Mama of 4&5 year old boys and auntie of a 6 y/o boy.

Sara said...

That is so totally fantastic! I bet he loved it. I do not think it is too sinister at all. Did he love it?

msalleycat said...

You are the coolest aunt! I certainly don't think it's too sinister, but one of my favorite mix tapes is a bunch of murder ballads, and more of my friends have tattoos than don't. Lots are married have kids, too. I don't think they're mutually exclusive, and it's also a great way to encourage your nephew's creativity.

Unknown said...

Wow you are one fabulous aunt! I know he must have oved his new tattoo shop. How fun! You are so talented. I love your ideas.