Monday, January 5, 2009

Ready for a change.

I am so ready for warm weather! Winter is really just starting here, so I think I am going to change my blog look a little bit. The header picture is just temporary. It is Gina in 2007. She has grown and changed so much. Time flies. I am still trying to organize my loft sewing area. I also have the kids playrooms to organize. I have no desire to organize, I just want it done! I am not letting myself sew until these areas are clean (you would think that would be motivation enough!)


Little Munchkins said...

I changed my blog header too recently. New year, new blog header.

I agree, kids grow so quickly! It seems like yesterday when my DS was born and now he's almost 5.

Lisa said...

I totally know what you mean about making yourself do the necessary evils. Sometimes I have to actually turn my laptop off until I get the house clean/laundry put away/whatever. (Kinda like turning the tv off for the kids.)

Michelle said...

I cannot believe Alder may have mono! MY sister had it when she was about 9 but she at least attended school! Hope it is something that goes away faster! So far I have been lucky and haven't gotten my kids bug!

jacquie said...

you inspired me to clean my sewing room...amazing how good that feels. i think i had success sewing last night cause i felt organized again.