Saturday, January 3, 2009

Great gift!

My dad is a little hard to buy for at Christmas. He always says not to get him anything. My sister and I always want to get him something. We make him things usually.

This year we had a pretty good idea I think. We bought him a clock (similar to this one.)We took loads of pictures of the kids holding a blank sign. We then printed them off in black and white. We chose the best pics of the kids and wrote numbers 1 -12 on the signs (on the actual printed out picture) with a thin black sharpie. We then put them in the clock picture frames. It turned out so sweet! I only wish I remembered to take a picture of it finished. I may have to go to my dad's office and take a picture of it hanging on the wall :)

edited to add *Picture of the clock added Thanks to my Uncle Chuck :) He works at the same office*


Michelle said...

Dads are so hard! Way to go!

lera said...

That is a great gift idea.

Leah said...

what a GREAT idea! you are so creative. and what cute redheads you have (i'm one myself)