Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Blue Bird of Happiness.

One of Kerry's coworkers had to leave work early yesterday because his wife went into labor. I had to quickly come up with an economical gift. So of course sewing from my stash came to mind. I have never met his wife, but who doesn't love a new baby. I am still on a little high from the Candy Corn softie I created, so I thought I could create a cute little Blue Bird toy. The inspiration was the little blue bird hanging from the carriage on the fabric. I put a little bell in while stuffing so it would make a sweet little sound when baby shakes it. I can try to make a tutorial if anyone would be interested. I also whipped up some sweet baby shoes. The onesie is just a given. I love how quickly this gift came together.
It is a cruddy rainy day here, so sorry for the bad pic.
* I have the placement of the eye wrong on the bird, I also want to add some legs :)*


Little Munchkins said...

Awww, so cute! You are right, who doesn't love a newborn baby.

Marcia said...

As you know, I am so hooked on those baby shoes...Ü They are the perfect thing to fussy cut.

Do you use some kind of stabilizer when you make your onsie's? A simple onsie like that would be so much easier than the onsie dresses I make.

Your bird is adorable as is. That little ribbon gives the baby something to hang on to. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

those turned out so cute! I love the carriage fabric that you used...the placement of the carriages on the shoes is super cute! I also love your bird!

Sandra Lundy said...

So cute....love the colors!