Thursday, September 25, 2008

The final batch

Well this is the last set of pics :) I did not photo mine. I will begin sending them out tomorrow. I have to do this in shifts. The packages I have to go to the post for may have to go out Tuesday while my mom watches the kiddos. My post office is sooo slow! They haven't grown to accommodate the size of the town yet, so the lines are LONG! I can't imagine doing this with a wiggly 9 month old and a full of questions 5 year old.

Michelle sent this lovely fairy pin too! I love pink and fairies!

Christina sent some yummy strawberry candies, which did not make it to the photo shoot, Thank you :)

And finally Kristy sent a much needed needle case (that's what it was right?) I am using it for that anyway ;) I need to photo it though, because it is lovely! Thanks!

Thank you all for participating :)


Anonymous said...

that paisley fabric in the top picture is fab! can't wait to see what I get!

jacquie said...

oh my goodness you have been working so hard. i don't know how you've done it especially with little ones. i'm so looking forward to seeing what comes.