Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Productive Princessy Weekend

Well Friday afternoon started things off right I guess :) We took turns drawing princess tattoos on each other. Gina gave me a rainbow tattoo with clouds. I gave her a purple flower with vine tattoo. Needless to say no chores got done at all!
All of that tattoo drawing really wears a princess out! Gina sat on her chair for quite a while contemplating the prettier things in life while I got busy sewing!

The first dress I made was one Gina picked everything out for! She picked the vintage Cindy Brady style pattern from my stash of patterns. Next she picked the blue floral fabric because she said it reminded her of Barbie! The sheer lace trim was a must for her, even though I told her it would be itchy, she insisted! Well the reason there are no pictures of the princess in her creation is because it is tooo itchy!
Because we have no Belle dress up dresses, Gina requested a yellow skirt! This is the easiest thing ever to make! Just tulle and elastic!
Finally I made up a pattern to make her a purple princess skirt! She picked out some sheer purple fabric I had in my stash! It has shimmery silver stars all over it, the under fabric is purple with white stars all over it! She LOVES this skirt the best! Also I don't think I have mentioned this before, but we love the footless tights! Gina has to wear them under all of her skirts, I don't know if her mind will change with the warmer weather, but until then we are stocked up!
*Please excuse the messy house! Kerry doesn't understand why the projects come before housework? Men!


michelle said...

What gorgeous creations! I adore the itchy dress! Any way around the itchy? Fun skirts too, I love sewing for my daughter. In fact I really didn't sew that much until I had her and girls are so much fun to sew for that my skills have really improved! My hubby doesn't get it either. But the house just gets dirty again and the the project stays done!

lera said...

Craftiness is a must. Housework will always wait!

You did have a very productive weekend. You go, girl. Everything is girly and pretty.

Kimma said...

oh my goodness, the little blue dress with flowers... you are my inspiration for REALLY learning to sew. quilting has been fairly difficult, i can't imagine having to deal with big time measurements and hemming and... yowza. haha.


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Wow, she is SO cute. Bruise and all. My daughter went through a dresses-only phase. It was wonderful. Now she's in a Abercrombie-only phase that has lasted several years ... so enjoy this while you can!