Saturday, April 5, 2008

Easter Part 2

Okay, so once the kiddies were done with their egghunt and baskets we sent them to play and the adults got down and dirty! Well not really we had to have the games inside due to some CRAZY weather! The games started with a blind folded egg hunt to find out what color your team would be (I made peep like shirts for each person out of the team colors). The next game was a bunny race. The guys held a bunny in their team color and as the girls rolled a big die they would 'race' to the finish line.
The next game was really cute. It was a take on pin the tail on the bunny. Each person on the team wore a velcro like pad on their behind and the other player tried to land a bunny on the velcro.

This last game got really physical! All it was, was a game I am sure you played as a kid. We had each player tie 2 balloons to their ankles and the goal was to be the last team/player with a balloon left. The last 2 player were my aunts and they were out for blood it seemed! They were honestly wrestling to win! I left that picture out, because it really wasn't that flattering.

The finale of the day was ROCKBAND! My mom of all people rocked the house LOL! She seemed to look down her nose at first at the idea of playing Rockband on Easter, but she brought down the house :) (sorry mom I had to blog it)

It was really a Great holiday! Even with the weather that couldn't decide if it was going to rain snow or be sun shiny!

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lera said...

A great idea for adult games!!