Thursday, April 3, 2008

A lot of catching up to do

I am so far behind! I will start by posting St. Patrick's Day and get myself caught up :)

St. Patrick's Day is also my Dad's Birthday, so that morning Gina and I made a batch of Birthday cupcakes (Golden cake with Rainbow chip icing)!

Of course Gina is wearing yet another mommy made skirt and bows (shirt by Target :) ) We loaded up the Birthday goodies and headed to my Dad's office to surprise him! We met my sister and her boys there! I think 'Grandpa Pat' was excited to see us!
Gina had to explain that the card and present were for him, because you know it's your birthday. And yes my adorable nephew is sporting a mohawk. It was taller the day before, my sister trimmed it a bit. He totally asked for one... to cute!
Adler spent the entire time being held by Peggy (my step mom). He seems to enjoy her and she Loves holding babies :) It's a win win situation. I can't believe how far I have fallen behind in posting. It seems like the time from St. Patrick's day to now is a total blur! We celebrated this day, then jumped right into Easter preparations, then we loaded up and went to the lakehouse to get it ready for the Summer! (YEAH) I can't wait for the summer! I will post Easter later today or tomorrow! We played lots of games with the adults and some of them got physical LOL!

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