Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Cutie Creation

Finally a post about my creations! I know it has only been one day, but this is what I really want to post and share. Don't get me wrong there will be plenty about my family too. My daughter inspires me so much. This little doggie dress and hair bows was made with her interests in mind. I had every intent of selling this set, but the new baby came and time got away from me. The only way to get her to pose for me was letting her have a sucker! Well she poses, but never seems to look at me or be happy without one! I made this simple little jumper with a ruffle accent, then of course ruffle jeans were in order. Hairbows are a must at our house! Gina has curly, crazy hair with a mind of its own, plus she likes picking out the ribbon for me to use. I really like the blue and purple she picked for these. In fact she loves blue and purple so much right now that we are moving her room to give her purple and blue. I can not bring myself to paint over her current bedroom (I will post pics later of it). Look this was supposed to be about me and my sewing and somehow went back to being about Gina Beana.

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lera said...

Welcome to blogland! And thanks for commenting on my blog.

What a dear little outfit. I have been thinking recently about adding ruffles to girly pants. Yours are darling.