Friday, February 8, 2008

A Cherished Moment

Really I just wanted to check to see if I could successfully add pictures to my posts, but when I found this picture I just had to write about it too! You have got to love an impromptu photo shoot. A new big sister sharing a sweet kiss with her precious new brother. We were all still in our pajamas (let's face it we spend most of our days still in our jammies at this point) and G asked if she could hold her, 1 month old at the time, brother. How could I refuse? She is the best big sister! Such a great helper and so considerate of him. I love the way she "checks" on him while he sleeps and is always willing to go and fetch whatever I have forgotten to grab. When we first came home from the hospital she would quietly entertain herself in her room or playroom so we could sleep. Gina has never been a napper, she prefers to get all of her sleep at one lump time - bedtime! I am so happy to have caught this little stolen moment between brother and sister :)

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