Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This is now :)

So I am just going to start with today! I so want to get back to blogging. I miss my blogging "friends". Life seems to finally be settling into what is now the NORM. I am such a different person than when I started this blog. I have grown leaps and bounds. I feel divorce really does that to a person. I have so many divorce and remarried stories to share and I will get to them but for now this is me! I am someone I never wanted to be, someone I never thought I would be. I am truly a BETTER me, a happier me. I went from a stay at home mom with two beautiful kiddos, to a single mom, to a remarried step mom. I now have 6 kids total!!! Life has gotten crazy and I will share all the details that I can legally share... I may need to seek advice on that one because people this is a book worthy tale :) For now though I will leave you a pic of what life looks like for me now. I have many stories and crafting adventures to share. Talk to you all very soon!

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jess said...

OMG I have been wondering about you! You got a happily ever after, I am so happy for you!