Monday, July 21, 2014

Blog love and Brady Bunch

Here's the story, of a Lovely Lady...
Seriously when you decide to remarry at this stage in life it is inevitable that you will marry someone with kids of their own.  I had my two and he had FOUR!!!  So we lovingly call our family "our Bunch".  When we were thinking of wedding invitations what better than one that was Brady inspired.  Not being super photo savvy I called upon a blogging friend, Sasha at .  I had a neighbor snap us all in front of a blue screen and the very generous Sasha sent this back to me!   I am so very thankful for her generosity!  I am also very thankful for the sweet connections I have made in the blogging world.  When my life tumbled apart and then slowly back together I reached out to a few of these remarkable women and a few even reached out to me when I went "missing"!  Thank you all for the love and support!  I plan to get back at crafting and creating and I am also thinking about sharing the trials and tribulations of blending families.  This is a REAL LIFE blog...  not just a highlight reel :) 

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