Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Love Chinese Food, but the Aussie's have my Heart

I had a horrible summer cold shortly after school got out. My throat was killing and then I craved hot n sour soup. My sweet hubby brought some home for me and this was my fortune!!! The soup made me feel a 100% and the fortune help to motivate me!
A Childhood friend phoned me and asked me to make her grandmother a special gift for Mother's Day. Her grandfather had recently passed and she wanted a bear or something made out of his favorite sweater. The more we spoke she said everyone thought her grandfather reminded them of a turtle. I had remembered reading about Ernst on Jodie's Blog, but sadly the pattern was not yet available. She was getting ready for a big show so I was afraid to even ask if she had a rough draft copy I could get my hands on. But I asked (begged really) and you know what, she sent me a copy!!! What a complete sweetheart! It seems I heart many Aussie Crafters. It turns out they are all truly kind, supportive, and giving people (remember my Melly love affair)!

These little turtles are so sweet! The pattern is amazing! My dear friend's entire family has been slowing getting a turtle of their own from Grandpa's sweater. He had 8 children, so I have been busy. The turtles get a little crazy while waiting for their new homes. I find them all over the house, playing with the toys, climbing into craft supplies, even out in the garden!
Thank you Jodie for your sweet spirit and generous heart!


jess said...

Gail, BLESS YOU!!! Those turtles are way too cute, and I know she'll always look at these and smile. :)

Mistea said...

Good to see Ernst spreading good cheer. Enjoy

Jodie said...

oh a whole tribe of turtles...they are so cute !!! You have done a great job!