Friday, July 16, 2010

Harvest Time

Last week we picked our first tomatoes from our garden!!! Hooray! We have been averaging at least two a day since. Does anyone have good canning recipes for tomatoes? Is ketchup possible?

*Adler added is night time binky to the photo! He thinks it is pretty important too :)


jess said...

I make ketchup using the canned stuff but I am going to try it with fresh tomatoes once my plants start giving up some fruit. My *guess* is that you would take the skins off and simmer the tomatoes till soft, push them thru a sieve, then simmer that with some spices (salt, allspice/ cloves) and vinegar for a few hrs.
The binkie shot made me smile. : )

barbara said...

I've canned tomatoes before and it is a LOT of work! I also made ketchup once, and even though it too is a ton of work, it is the best stuff ever. You need a ridiculous number of tomatoes - a seriously ridiculously amount. But the difference between homemade and commercial ketchup is like the difference between a garden tomato and one from the store in the middle of winter. I use the Blue Book canning guide (made by the people who make the canning jars) - try googling it, or check at your library. There are tons of good canning books out there now.

barbara said...

a link to the Ball canning web site, a pretty good place to start. have fun!

Christie said...

Well, two things (found your blog through Joy's Hope)...

1. Love the tomatoes and that their fresh from your garden.

2. But the night-time binky in the shot wins the prize.

Love it!

walt bayliss said...

Great post.
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Jeanine said...


jess said...

Dahlin it's been 6 months and I'm putting a mirror under your nose... I miss your posts!