Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cell Case Orders

I have been making cell cases for family and friends for a while now. Over Father's Day weekend a fantastic thing happened. One of my friends that I made a case for showed it off to her family and just like that I had an order for 8!!! I know for some of you this is common occurrence, but for me I get asked to make one or two at a time! I was ecstatic!The best part was the feedback I received. I made the cases slightly wider (to fit an iphone) and added a pocket on the back to hold ID/debit cards. The strap is also a tad wider as well. I currently have an order for 2 more and I am going to make my salesman friend a new redesigned case as well.It feels so good to have people other than family LOVE the things you create (no offense Mom)!
*I got the original case idea from Moda Bake Shop, I LOVE that blog!

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michelle said...

Congratulations! that is such a great feeling isn't it? Makes you feel so validated that someone likes your creation. They are darling.