Monday, September 7, 2009

Crazy Birthday Season

We have officially entered Birthday Season in our family. It started with my cousin, then lovely sister, next my little cousin, then Gina, and finally Me! And really there are more to follow this month too, but we will stop with me for now LOL! I already shared the quilt I made for my Sister. I just LOVE it to pieces :)For my little cousin, Ian, I made a Birthday shirt with the number 12! He LOVED it!
(I am not to sure about this goofy face he is making ;) ).
I am working on some special Melly & Me projects for Gina now. Her Birthday is tomorrow! She is going to be the big 6!!! I can not believe it! Time flies for sure. My birthday is 2 days after hers. Lots of celebrating ahead! I thought I would practice making a Rainbow Cake. It was super easy and so completely yummy! I made the cake according to the box directions, not the diet version (though I could definitely go on a diet LOL)!Here are all of the colors mixed up! Then poured into our star cake pans!And how else would you top a Rainbow cake, but with Rainbow chip icing!!! YUM YUM!

I thought the cake would not be as bright, because my batter looked lighter, but it was soooo bright and deep vivid colors. Everyone LOVED it :)


jess said...

Oh gosh that looks delicious and beautiful!

Michelle said...

That cake is amazing!

urban craft said...

I'm totally lovin these rainbow cakes. I know one day i will attempt it. I promised myself i would be a better baker.

Anonymous said...

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