Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gina's 6th Birthday!

Yesterday was my sweet little girl's sixth Birthday! I made her this sweet kitty using a Melly & Me pattern! I adore the way it came out.I woke her with a small powdered donut and candle and sang Happy Birthday to her. We shared a few sweet moments before her brother woke.

I decided to give her the kitty before school, her just from mom gift :)

My, all too grown up, baby ready to face her Birthday at school with her new friends!


barbara said...

That picture of her hugging the kitty is all the thanks you could ever want. She is so sweet!

michelle said...

So adorable! It just goes way too fast doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

AAAAAwwwwwwww Gail, your Claudine is just the CUTEST!!!!! I love it to bits!! What a beautiful present to give and I hope she is loved and adored!