Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life has really given me some lemons!

Well my friends my life has taken a few rough turns and twists.  I want to get back to blogging and coonnecting with all of you and will soon.  I am working on the best way to share my story from the past year.  I want to share without the bitterness and anger that sometimes enters in.  I know that my story may just help someone else going through the same things.  Be warned it will not be a rainbow and butterflies, my life is just so happy, kind of tale.


Michelle said...

Come on back! The super happy life represented on blogs is their only draw back I think. I always hope my life doesn't come across way more perfect than it really it really is. I say go ahead and post it out, you are right someone one might really relate. And it is funny the sorting process writing makes of our thoughts. Hugs!

jess said...

Michelle is totally correct. That drives me insane... we all want to put our best foot forward; but if we want to be REAL and allow others the right to be who they are, and to accept what life is all about- we need to be honest, and even vulnerable sometimes.
xxx I do miss you!