Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springy Leaf Tee

I was smitten when I saw this tutorial on One Pretty Thing. I knew I wanted to make one for myself. The one featured was for a Fall Tee, but my procrastinating self finally got around to making it right before St. Patrick's day! I chose some of my favorite bright colored scraps to make my leaves from. Also because I am larger than most, I bought a pack of men's V-neck undershirts to use. I plan on embellishing more Tee's for the Spring and Summer. I really love how fun this tutorial was to make. Simple, clear directions. *photos taken with my phone... also I was wearing my sparkly St. Pat's hair bow LOL! Oh also no make up ;)


jess said...

Oh stop! I need a bucket of make-up to look more human and less alien. You look fantastic.
I love that necklace!
You must adore the shirt. I want to make that, but with a long sleeved v- neck...

michelle said...

So very, very cute!