Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Kid's Art Center

A few months back I created this little space in my kitchen for the kiddos to do some of their crafting. We have had the table for a while, but I had it hidden in the basement. The paper organizer used to house some of my scrapbook papers. The shelves were Target clearance years ago. I had everything on hand. A fresh coat of paint and everything is good as new! It was great to transform a space just for the kids! They LOVE it!!! Adler got right to work :)
The polka dot bulletin board just isn't big enough for all the creating my two little ones do. With Summer coming and the kids around more often what will you do to help them explore their creativity?


Ashley said...

Great little art station! I love how you have it set up... so cute!

jess said...

Oh this is sweet! I tried something similar with mine but #2 son kept throwing the jars on the floor. lol. I want to help the kids build a 'nest' out of things in nature, just like the birds do. I really want a nature table here.

Gail :) said...

I do Love a nature table Jess! I am sure Adler would like that too. Thanks for the idea.