Monday, May 10, 2010

Angelman Syndrome

Please take the time to watch this wonderful video. The song is so true. No one ever plans for their family not to be "perfect". We all plan our lives based on "perfect". The "it will never happen to me" mentality. My sweet nephew Carter was born with Angelman Syndrome. My sister, his mom, is my BEST friend in the whole world. We live 4 minutes from each other. We wanted to raise our kids as siblings, not just cousins, yeah we are that close and crazy! Our lives are still close and TIGHTLY entwined. Her son Carter is turning 5 this month and our lives are FAR from the "perfect" lives we always had planned. Life is HARD! I encourage you to familiarize yourself with this syndrome. Awareness is half the battle in receiving proper funding for a cure. We are walking as a family this Saturday to support our Carter Bug. Feel free to click on the link on my sidebar. It is not just to donate, but is a great site for help and information. If you would like to join us to walk this weekend we would LOVE it!


jacquie said...

so's never perfect, but we deal with the cards we're given and count our blessings. thanks for sharing. said...

What beautiful smiles in that video!

And how lucky you are to be so close to your family. My sisters are far away, and I'm so sorry the cousins don't know each other well.