Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well She Finally Came to Her Senses!

My Machine that is. She would not work for me. I tried the new cord and NOTHING! Then I blew on her (dusted her), and begged and pleaded and finally she started up! No light though? Halfway through the line stitching on my quilt the light finally came on!!! Thank you old girl :) We are back in Business!

I was able to finish this July 4th quilt just in time! It is the first quilt I have machine quilted, and the first larger than a baby quilt I have made by myself! I would have never been able to accomplish this without the help and support of the Old Red Barn Quilt Along! Thanks to all of my fellow quilters :)The parade was cancelled this morning because of rain!!! So this new quilted blanket will be perfect to sit on and watch fireworks this evening, weather permitting. I have tossed it in the wash so it will puff all up in time. I can hardly wait!

Thanks again for all of the help and encouragement, and special thanks to Dana for making it all possible!

Happy Independence Day!!!


jess said...

*Fabulous*, dahling. Your daughter is so so precious.
Our parade wasn't canceled but it was really foggy. The fireworks were canceled. (more spinning and knitting for me!)

Betsy said...

cute blanket! I need to make something patriotic.