Friday, July 3, 2009

Was it Jealousy?

I was using my ANCIENT Kenmore to quilt my 4th of July quilt when all of a sudden my trusty Modern (circa 1999) Kenmore won't turn on at all!!! I think she is jealous that the old lady was getting sewing time? I have no idea! But how will I finish everything I need to? Maybe (hopefully) she just needs a new pedal/power cord. I am seriously in tears right now. I would love a new machine, but I have a sick attachment to her. She was my first new to me machine. The old lady is a piece of junk! I don't like her, and was just using her to quilt. She was actually 2 steps from being sent away before I realized I could lower the feed dogs to free motion quilt.

I am going to run and get my sister's power cord (she has the same machine). I hope this works!


Mistea said...

Hope the power cord worked can't be having a machine that doesn't want to play!

shanna said...

Im sorry that it broke!

shanna said...

Im sorry that it broke!

Little Munchkins said...

Oh no! I hope it works too.

You were saying you couldn't find Sew Hip at the bookstore. I remember reading that Barnes and Noble did have it (don't know if there's one near you or if they still have it) or you could also buy it from here

It's is quite expensive and not very many projects but I do like those projects that are in there, which is more than I can say for some other magazines :)

Hope this helps.