Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bunnies are Multiplying!!!

Those cute little bunnies are ganging up on me quickly!!! They are taking over my crafting time. Everyone that sees them wants one. I still have not made Adler one yet. Every time I finish one he hugs it and pats its back. He is so sweet!
These two cuties were for sweet babies under 3 so I embroidered the diaper fasteners instead of using buttons. Also my sister gave me the great idea of using the ear fabric for the belly too (instead of felt). I love these cuties! It was hard to give them away ;)


michelle said...

So super cute!

Mistea said...

Bunnies always multiply! They are so sweet, I am sure there will be lots more requests for these cuties.

Joyce said...

These are so gorgeous- makes me want one!

great work :)

Larissa said...

love the belly innovation and you did a great job! makes me want to sew more bunnies.