Friday, May 2, 2008

Peggy's Birthday!

I cannot believe I forgot to post about celebrating Peggy's Birthday! Happy belated Birthday to Peggy (April 18th). I made her special cupcakes YUM! We once again loaded all the kiddos up and went to my Dad and Peggy's office for a special Birthday visit.
It was a little crazy! Baylor and Gina were fighting (big time) over who would give Peggy her present, so I suggested Carter do it! This of course ticked Ms. Gina off royally!
Special shamrock drawstring pants made with love ;)
Enjoying the yummy cupcakes! At this point Gina is outside running around the parking lot in her new flip flops and she wipes out! When she comes in, in total hysterics, the party comes to an abrupt end. Peggy's celebration is interrupted by band-aid searching and wales of "I see blood" followed by minor hyperventilating! I love 4 year olds!
Happy Birthday Peggy!

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Barbara said...

When my kids were little, I counted any party that did not involve crying or an injury as an overwhelming success! Really wanted to let you know how fabulously adorable that header picture is!