Monday, May 5, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I had a pretty good day at the flea market. We have a large flea market here every Sunday. It is really hit or miss as far as good finds go. Last week a vendor had some old Ball jars and I passed them by, ever since I have been thinking of ways I could have used them. This week I found 2 and 8 of the pint sized hinged ones! I love the pineapple cake pan, and the olive green pyrex bowl!
I scored some more embroidered pillowcases, which I totally did not need, but they were southern belle ones and I couldn't pass them up! Also red rose pillowcases. Tons of old trims and sewing supplies.
Oh also these adorable cut out birds, which I hope to paint and hang in my kitchen . My kitchen is a whole new project I need to get started on.
I have a bunch of swaps I am working on right now! More on those later :) Have a great day!


michelle said...

What great treasures! There just isn't as much good stuff here as there was in Utah! And I think a crazy quilt support group would be fun!

barbara said...

I love those pillowcases! Glad you had some luck!

lera said...

Nice finds!

(Love your new banner.)

Little Munchkins said...

I love you new blog header :)

What a great find at the flea market. Definitely some great stuff there.

Heidi said...

Great stuff! Those little jello molds make the cutest votive candle holders--the metal reflects to give the candles a lovely soft glow.