Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogging Soapbox

I really love sharing ideas and getting inspiration from others. I mean creativity leads to creativity. I need to work on my ability to not pick up offenses. It truly bothers me when others do not credit their source of inspiration. I LOVE the relationships I have made in blogworld. Let's be honest about these bloggers that post a "new" tutorial daily... really, not all of their ideas are truly their own ideas. I love having someone else spark my creativity, isn't that why we read crafty blogs to begin with? Just give credit where credit is due. I am not just speaking for my own small blog, but other small bloggers as well. I have seen many out and out thefts of ideas lately, and a lot of these are from bloggers that are strict with their so-called "copyrights".
*I just needed to get this vent off my chest... it has been keeping me from wanting to post anything and I really should be blogging too :)


Shannon said...

I completely agree! Whenever I see a product or photo I like and want to use it on my own blog, I often ask for the owner's permission and always give a credit line. Do others give me the same courtesy? I have seen first hand that sadly they don't always do.

Oh well, I'll keep on keeping on :)

jess said...

I hear ya there, and I agree. You summed it up in a far less snarky way than I would have. ;)