Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you LOVE Chick-fil-A?

If you love Chick-fil-A like my family loves Chick-fil-A today is your day! Dress like a cow and get a free combo meal! We are totally doing this, pics to follow. Here is the info if you are interested :)


Sarah and Jack said...

I love chick fil a, but it is so far away! My husband works in the valley by it though, so he prolly eats there more than we do. LOL

Bethany said... I found you through Julie's blog! I was reading her comments while eating lunch and yours totally stuck out to me! I LOVE the name Adler! I have never heard of anyone who has that name and I about fell over when I saw that on your comment! It is one of those names I have been keeping top secret in case we ever have another baby! But we would use it for a girl! How funny is that?!!

Ok...just wanted to share!!

lera said...

Huh. I passed one today (on my way to the fabric store) and saw a giant blow-up cow in the front. I guess it makes sense now.

And did you know that 7/11 was giving out free small Slurpees today because of the date: 7/11. I took the kids. said...

I wish I hadn't missed this one, I'd be happy to dress as a cow for free chicken!